Denim care 101: Four foolproof tips

Ensure you get the most out of your denim with these washing and storing tips.

Slim jeans, riding boots, yellow sweater, checked blazer, Jan 13, p41

What to look for

Narrow bottoms, stretch, prints and novelty textures are the key details of the moment. But you can never go wrong with iconic five-pocket jeans. From worn and faded to dark crisp denim, they look great on everyone.

What to leave in the closet (for now)

Shelve the mom jeans, high waists, wide legs and bell-bottoms. That said, no style is really over if you wear it with confidence—and the right pair of shoes.

How to care for your pair

1. Always wash denim inside out in cold water.

2. Use a gentle detergent to minimize fading.

3. Hang to dry and, while they’re still damp, tug on the legs to help keep their original length.

4. If you must put jeans in the dryer, remove them while still slightly damp and hang to dry completely.