15 chic sneakers you can wear anywhere

Whether you wear them with shorts or black-tie dresses (hello, sneakers with sparkles!), these trainers will kick up your style this summer. Plus, tips for keeping them clean and stink-free.

5 tips for keeping your sneakers clean and odour-free

1. Did you know canvas sneakers can be thrown in the washing machine? Be sure to remove the laces (wash separately) and zip shoes in a mesh laundry bag. Use cold water and set the cycle to gentle. Let air dry.

2. For small scuffs and marks a good ol’ toothbrush is your best bet. Mix a solution of soap and water and brush away. Rinse well.

3. If your sneakers have mud-crusted soles, get a bin or tray (storage containers work great for this) and pour in a shallow layer of hot water. The liquid should cover only the rubber sole. Place sneakers in the water and let soak. Toss muddy water and repeat as needed.

4. Combating smelly sneakers starts with clean, dry feet and fresh socks. If you need some additional odour-blasting power, remove insoles and sprinkle the interior with baking soda. Be sure to dust soda on the loose insole as well (top and bottom). Place shoes in a warm, dry space and let them rest. A few hours out in the hot sun or overnight should do it. Shake off any residual powder and have a sniff. Repeat if necessary. Travelling? Line your shoes with a dryer sheet, it will help to keep them fresh and scent-free.

5. For leather sneakers, the key is giving them a quick wipe down with a damp non-abrasive cloth after each and every wear. This will prevent dirt from building up and penetrating into the leather. For stubborn spots, try a magic eraser.

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