Find The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Whether you’re oval, square or somewhere in-between, we’ve got you covered with a selection of the best sunglasses to flatter your face shape

Sunglasses for Every Face Shape

An unexpected colour or material may be what initially catches your eye when shopping for sunglasses, but that shouldn’t be your starting point. “Face shape is the first thing you need to consider,” says Sebastien Brusset, lead product designer at eyewear company Ollie Quinn. “While we draw design inspiration [for frames] from architecture and the environment, face shape is a primary consideration once we get down to the technical drawings. The goal is to design a frame that can be worn by many people, feels comfortable and accentuates a person’s best features.” So when shopping for your next pair, look for a frame that balances the proportions of your face. And in this case, the rule of opposites will generally lead you to the most flattering fit: However your face zigs, your ideal sunglasses should zag.

If your face is square or rectangular…

Key features: A strong jawline (think: Olivia Wilde or Demi Moore).
Best frame shape: Circular. “Typically, round glasses suit people with a more angular face and sharper features because it softens them. Round metal frames are incredibly popular right now,” says Brusset.

If your face is round…

Key features: A face that’s the same height and width, with a rounder chin, jawline and cheekbones (think: Selena Gomez or Emma Stone).
Best frame shape: Square. “A rounder, softer face tends to be well-complemented by more angular glasses because of the way it frames and defines the face,” says Brusset.

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If your face is heart-shaped…

Key features: Prominent cheekbones and a defined chin (think: Kerry Washington or Reese Witherspoon).
Best frame shape: Cat-eye. “Cat-eyes tend to open up and compliment most features and give a beautifully feminine feel. A heart-shaped face really benefits from this balance,” says Brusset.

If your is oval…

Key features: Forehead and jaw are the same width, with your forehead slightly broader than your jaw (think: Jessica Alba and Beyoncé).
Best frame shape: All of the above, plus oversized. “Oversized sunglasses can always be pulled off as long as you wear them with confidence,” says Brusset.

As for colour and material, that comes down to personal preference and style. Here are our top picks for every face shape: