Beauty Shopper

Every month Chatelaine's services coordinator Janette Ewen tests the latest beauty products and services. This month she tries BeneFit Cosmetics.

What: An introduction to BeneFit Cosmetics and beauty expert Eric Jimenez
When: October 7, 2003
Where: The Metropolitan Hotel, Toronto
Why: Who could resist fun products with such great names?

BeneFit is a funky American cosmetic line founded by twin sisters Jean and Jane in 1993. They’re known for practical yet stylish products that are a favourite with many makeup artists. Here are the ones I sampled:

benetint, $35. This rose-coloured stain is perfect for getting that fresh-from-the-outdoors glow. Applying benetint is easy. I made a small X with the brush applicator on my cheeks and then blended it in with my fingers. Stains look natural and often work well on lips, too.

high beam, $25. Eric calls this pink glistening highlighting fluid “supermodel in a bottle.” While I didn’t look like Cindy Crawford after I applied it, my skin did look more radiant. high beam also helped to cover up the sun damage on my forehead.

ooh la lift, $25. I applied this eye-brightening cream first thing in the morning. As my tired, puffy eyes stared back at me in the mirror, I doubted that anything, even this little pink wand, could help. After I applied the light-reflecting cream though, I actually did look more rested.

lip plump, $22. This creamy primer claims to be the secret to “full, sexy lips.” I applied, blended and let it dry for a few minutes. Once my lip liner and lipstick were on, my lips did look fuller. For everyday use, the drying time made it a little too time-consuming, but I would use lip plump for a sexy evening look.

dr. feelgood, $33. This sheer, blotting balm is luxurious. It can be applied over or under makeup. It left my skin radiant and softened my makeup without smudging. dr. feelgood has a great calming effect on your skin, but the tin is a little tricky to open.

For more information about these and other beauty products, visit the BeneFit Web site.