Beauty shopper: Kérastase hair system

Every month Chatelaine's services coordinator Janette Ewen tests the latest beauty products and services. This month she tries the Kérastase hair system.

What: An invitation to try a new line of salon-only hair products from Kérastase, by L’Oreal
When: December 13, 2003
Where: Salon Daniel, Toronto
Why: I’m hoping the new Nutri-Sculpt line can help my dry, limp hair.

Created in 1964, the Kérastase hair system and products were designed to enhance the natural beauty and health of hair. Every client’s hair is carefully analyzed to determine their hair care needs.

Step 1: The analysis
I arrived at Salon Daniel with my blonde, over-processed hair in a ponytail. Even though it was freshly cut and coloured, my shoulder-length hair was still so limp that a ponytail was my only option. Stylist Samuel Crowther analyzed my hair and confirmed what I already knew: fine, but lots of it. Then he looked at its condition: normal scalp, dry hair. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. I had expected a lecture about my excessive hair colouring. Instead, Samuel reassured me that my dry hair was most likely caused by the winter weather.

Step 2: The Treatment
Samuel started by washing my hair with Kérastase Bainsatin, a specially formulated shampoo for sensitive scalps and dry hair. Then he began the painstaking process of applying the Kérastase Resistance Age Recharge-Firming Mask to my towel dried hair. He divided my hair and applied the mask, section by section, working the product in with his fingertips to guarantee absorption. This took about 30 minutes. I was just starting to get antsy when Samuel gave me the most relaxing scalp massage I have ever had. I had just started to drift off when it was time to rinse.

Step 3: Finishing
After towel-drying my hair, he applied a small amount of Lait Nutri-Sculpt, which helps detangle and protect hair from styling heat. It also cuts your blow-drying time in half. I had the same results when I tried it at home. Next, he worked in Crème Nutri-Sculpt to give my hair volume and definition. A small spritz of Brume Nutri-Sculpt finished my new do. It gave my hair a polished look but wasn’t heavy and sticky like some sprays.

When using the Kérastase line at home I find that I need fewer products than normal and my hair seems to have more body. Samuel gave me a useful tip about deep conditioning: regardless of the product or hair type, wrap your head in a warm towel once the conditioner is applied. The heat and moisture will assist in deeper and faster absorbtion.

Price: In-salon treatment including scalp massage starts at $30. To find a salon near you that carries Kérastase visit To contact Salon Daniel visit