Beauty shopper: Dermalogica Face Mapping

Every month Chatelaine's services coordinator Janette Ewen tests the latest beauty products and services. This month she tries a Dermalogica Face Mapping

What: Dermalogica Face Mapping
When: March 31, 2004
Where: Glow Spa, Toronto, Ont.
Why: An in-depth facial examination will determine what skin type I have and which products will work best for me.

Step 1: The analysis
My face mapping started with Dermalogica education manager Allison Jones. She inquired about my health history, how often I exfoliate, if I ever had chemical peels and if my skin is tolerant to the sun. Then I relaxed back onto the treatment chair as Allison looked at my skin under a high-powered magnifying lens. To create an accurate map, my face was divided into 14 zones. By studying each zone carefully, she was able to determine why some areas are dry, oily, congested or pigmented. The face mapping helped to address my complexion in terms of its ailments—be it stress, too much caffeine or excessive sun exposure.

Step 2: The Treatment
Once my face had been analyzed, I was treated to a relaxing Dermalogica Facial. This treatment included a scrub, mask and steaming. My favorite part of the treatment was the complementary shoulder and foot rub. Dermalogica believes that the condition of the body directly affects the condition of the face.

Step 3: The Prescription
Next, Allison sat down with me to go over the results of my Face Mapping. She presented me with a report that illustrated the 14 zones on my face and listed the Dermalogica products that would best suit my skin type. As we went over Allison’s recommendations, she showed me how and when to use each product. The session was very informative and a simple skin care regime was suggested.

Following my new skin care routine at home was easy and a few products soon became my favourites. The Daily Microfoliant tops my list; this gentle rice-based powder helped smooth out my complexion and fade my sunspots. The Skin Smoothing Cream is another effective product; the cream absorbs quickly without any greasy residue.

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