Beauty product of the month

Editor's pick: Vichy Thermal Fix

When the temperature starts to dip, your skin can start to look and feel tight and parched. Chilly wind, freezing rain and indoor heating all dehydrate your epidermis – the outer layer of your skin. You can combat this by downing litres of water (which you should be doing anyway!), but it’s also important to introduce a heavier moisturizer to your regime, to keep skin smooth and supple. My favourite this year is Vichy Thermal Fix cream (50 mL/$30), formulated with 10 per cent thermal spa water. I love that it absorbs immediately without leaving my face feeling greasy, and that its skin-plumping effects last from morning to night. Use it under makeup during the day – with a foundation that has SPF – and after you wash your face at night. With two formulas available – one for dehydrated and another for very dehydrated skin – you’ll soak up the rewards of a healthy-looking complexion until the first weekend of spring.