Fall for leather

danier danier draping jacket
I’ve found my new fall obsession – the hunt for a leather jacket. The problem is I want them all. I want a plain-front biker jacket, a zipper-laden one with big metallic studs on the collar, a fitted everyday blazer, and all in a variety of colours. I even want leather pants! (Yes, I’m aware that these are potentially scary.) It’s all due to fall’s heavy rock ‘n’ roll look that has taken over the runways. At the fall previews I found one jacket that I just knew I had to have and it’s finally landed in Danier stores.

There’s a glamour shot above and a full body shot of the coat below. Isn’t it fabulous? It has carefully sewn pleats at the back, comes in grey and black and has a soft suede-like feel to the collar. It drapes just like the trendy new take on the blazer – it’s half jacket, half sweater. This one has knit and leather sleeves so it will stretch to fit a variety of body types and is great for layering sweaters underneath because the leather is quite thin. It also doesn’t button up so if you’re one of those busty people who can never find jackets that fit at the chest, this one is perfect. Granted this may be a problem as it gets colder but sometimes you have to go for fashion over function ladies. While I was in Danier trying it on for the third time (no impulse buying on this one) I noted some of their many new fashion forward jackets for all different tastes from biker to businesswoman.

Regularly $500, this soft Italian lamb skin jacket is already on sale so I advise heading down to Danier to check it out. It screams high fashion, like it came off the runways of Gareth Pugh or Rick Owens. But be warned, there may be an awkward run-in on the street cause I’ll definitely be wearing the same one.

– Kate Daley