Fake it this summer

simply ageless concealer cargo

There’s nothing that irks me more than real tans. Why? Because fake ones are so much easier and less skin damaging. So I propose that we all go for a lovely faux glow this season and leave the tanning beds empty. Whether you’re a shimmer lover or a matte fiend, there are bronzers in powders, liquids and gels that will make you look like you’ve been in St. Tropez for reals. 

One of my picks? Cargo‘s Beach Blush. I use a thick bronzing brush to dust this up, tap it off so I don’t go overboard and then lightly fluff it around my face. Another reason to love bronzer is that it can help camouflage problem areas. Put on a tinted moisturizer, cover up any blemishes with a concealer (loving CoverGirl and Olay’s Simply Ageless Concealer so much right now) and then put a dusting of bronzer on top. Your skin will look luminous and also the subtle shimmer will diffuse the light and make spots less noticeable.


Buy the Cargo at your local Murale for $32 and the Simply Ageless Concealer at your local drugstore.

– Kate Daley