Embrace the weather with the cutest yellow rain slicker

Cold wet weather is not a cue for you to drown in frumpy black and grey, kick some life back into your wet weather wardrobe.

Picture 2

Roots Newport Mac, $128CDN

I know, I know, you probably have a trench and a utility jacket already. So do I, but I cannot get over the cuteness factor in the latest Roots Newport Mac in amber lemon! The tone of this deep yellow doesn’t blind or overwhelm, but instead will bring a smile to you and those around you who are dressed in dreary black, navy and grey. The Roots mac scores extra style points for its cinched waist which allows the bottom half of the jacket to flare out like an A-line skirt making the cut very feminine and flattering. I can’t say it better myself, so to quote Roots, “It’s the perfect blend of practicality and style.”

What’s the difference between a trench and a mac you might ask? A ‘mac’ should be made of a rubberized material. However, the term is now used generically to describe any form of raincoat. Whereas the ‘trench’ made from waterproof cotton drill was developed around WWI as an alternative to the heavy serge wool greatcoats. Burberry and Aquascutum are both pioneers of the trench coat. To boil it down in terms of style, think fisherman-chic with a mac and dapper Londoner with a trench.

Be sure to invest in a waterproof trench or mac, as there is nothing chic about looking like a drowned rat.  Instead of moping about the rain, embrace the weather! I am going to click “Add To Bag” right now to order my Roots Newport Mac!