Edun Palettes for Africa


  EDUN, the company founded by Ali Hewson with Irish rockstar Bono, is launching limited-edition palettes this summer exclusively at Sephora to support sustainable trade for developing countries. It combines my major loves – Africa and makeup. This beautiful continent, of which I’ve only seen a minute portion, is filled with rich inspirations that surely played a part in creating the vibrant colours and earth tones in these palettes.

Try one or both of the two different shade palettes. One is made up of warm neutrals, the other cool brights. They also both come with an organic cotton drawstring pouches and include six eyeshadows and one powder blush.

They’re so pretty I have no doubt you’ll make good use of all these portable colours. 

 EDUN, founded on the premise of trade not aid (love that idea) is a for profit business that aims to raise awareness of the possibilities in Africa. EDUN and Sephora are donating all proceeds from the palettes to the Wildlife Conservation Society,  that supports the “Conservation Cotton Initiative” program . This  helps African farmers develop organic cotton in a way that supports their community. EDUN also has clothing – their mainstay so check out their site and spend your money on something with a mission.

 EDUN for Sephora Palettes, $47, available at Sephora now. 

– Kate Daley