Ed Norton, Jennifer Garner and heaps of other stars hit the IT Lounge

East + TIFF 050 Brooks shoe
The IT Lounge at Toronto’s swanky Windsor Arms Hotel is always one of my favourite TIFF happenings. Crowds of press and celebs roam from swag booth to swag booth in a sort of controlled chaos. I usually spend half my time at the event scoping out new products and half the time looking over my shoulder to make sure I’m not missing any passing A-listers. This year Kate and I had an extra reason to love this gifting lounge – that’s because each participating brand agreed to make a contribution to a specific charity or cause each time a celebrity walked through the doors. Ed Norton, Sissy Spacek, Kat Dennings, Jason Bateman and more than 90 other celebs were spotted eyeing the goods in the lounge. Here are a few featured products that I’m especially excited about: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 9 running shoes Talk about exclusive, Brooks has designed a line of running shoes with different styles for every type of foot. The Adrenaline GTS 9, the company’s “Go-To-Shoe” offers extra support for people whose feet are known to pronate. This shoe also has BioMoGo cushioning in its midsole, which is environmentally-friendly, non-toxic and helps the shoe to break down once it hits a landfill. Richart chocolates These top-of-the-line, intricately-designed French chocolates are a favourite of Calvin Klein, who served them at his last birthday bash. The melt-in-your-mouth goodies are made from some of the finest cocoa in the world and come in seven flavour families ranging from “Balsamic” and “Roasted” to “Fruity” and “Floral”. And the best part? The people at Richart believe that it is essential to eat multiple chocolates in one sitting to fully enjoy the tasting process. In fact, each box comes with instructions on which chocolate you should enjoy first, second, third, etc. I was also told that it takes 10 of these mouth-watering sweets to make up one typical serving of chocolates so no movie star figures will need to suffer because of the indulgence. — Jen O’Brien