The anti-aging dry mask that's making international headlines

A Montreal entrepreneur has created a line of water-less sheet masks that are rocking the beauty world.


Mouth, hand, face, eyes and neck masks by Nannette de Gaspé.

Sheet masks, aka the lazy gal’s facial, have become a super popular at-home beauty treatment. And typically, whether the mask is made of cotton or gel, it’s soaked in a formula, with enough product left over in the sachet for a second smearing.

But the Canadian company Nannette de Gaspé has revolutionized the treatment by using water-less technology to create a dry mask that’s unlike anything the beauty and skincare industry has seen before. In fact, since the masks launched in the U.K. at Selfridges in the spring (they’re now available at Holt Renfrew), the international press has called founder Nannette de Gaspé Beaubien the first true beauty disruptor. Here’s why:

The mask’s delivery system is completely revolutionary. Karine Théberge of Biomod Concepts in Quebec created a formulation that slowly delivers active ingredients to multiple layers of the epidermis over six to eight hours, with humidity, temperature and skin pH levels serving as the trigger for the diffusion. Théberge was then able to dry-print the formulation onto textile masks. “We call it ‘wearable technology meets luxury cosmetics’,” says de Gaspé Beaubien. “We see it as the next category in cosmetics.”

They don’t mess around with water and fillers. Most sheet masks are made of 85 percent water and glycerin with only five to seven percent active ingredients, says de Gaspé Beaubien. Thanks to the water-less technology, her masks are made up of 87 percent active ingredients like peptides, shea butter and plant extracts.

The masks aren’t only for your face. The collection includes neck, eye, mouth and hand masks. Up next? Pump & Lift masks for your breasts and behind, says de Gaspé Beaubien.

And they’re reusable. The price is steep — $145 for one face mask — but the products can be used up to three times. After leaving it on for 15 minutes, simply place it back into the resealable package (did we mention how gorgeous the packaging is?) and use it again in a day or two.

Nannette de Gaspe Restorative Techstile Masques, starting at $100, Holt Renfrew


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