Drugstore favourites

dino's picks

Oh and before I forget, if you are near a television tomorrow tune into CityTV at 9 am and 2 pm to watch Dino Dilio (CityLine’s makeup expert) explain his top Drugstore Deals and why. His favourites (below) are explained in the article on page 76 of our February issue. Oh and if you miss it on the telly you can check it out online after 4 pm! Dino was one of the top beauty experts that I found to help share their favourite drugstore deals. It’s no secret that your local pharmacy offers far more products than ever before. But because of all the selection it’s hard to know where to start. So we’re here to help and trust me these experts know what they’re talking about! (I even tried and tested the products to be sure and of course, loved them.) When I interviewed Dino for this article I was overwhelmed by his wealth of knowledge so ladies, listen up! Also, check out more on the article on Janine Falcon’s website (our beauty blog expert.) ‘

– Kate Daley