jean leggings miley open toed booties acid washed jeans uggs cowl neck dress inverted manicure rihanna
Here’s a rundown on the top trends I don’t think you should buy into this year.  Liquid leggings. Just don’t! They don’t breathe, you can’t wash them and they make anyone who is not Rihanna look like a sausage. In a very unappetizing way. 

Inverted Manicures. Even French manicures can be tacky at times. But a black base with white tips? Frightfully scary. Please don’t unless it’s for a costume.

Cowl neck sweater dresses. In theory these are great but something about them really irks me. I love a good sweater dress but with a cowl neck on top it just doesn’t look nice. But that’s just me.

Classic Uggs. These are about 10 seasons ago and were never chic in the first place. Plus they have no traction and I once saw a girl fall down a hill wearing them. It was funny but sad at the same time. Buy real winter boots. For your health’s sake. (Check out their new Smithfield Uggs if you must have Uggs of some sort. These have grids on the bottom and are quite elegant. A much better investment.)

Acid Washed Jeans Brenda from 90210 called. She wants her pants back. I love the 1980’s look but these should not be revived. I think some people can pull them off – like Gwen Stefani for example – but most should not invest in these. 

Open Toed Booties. While cute in theory, when can you ever wear these? It will always be too hot or too cold in Canada. If you’re going to invest in a fall shoe don’t buy these unless you have money to burn. Let’s keep them where they belong – on the runway.

  Ripped tights. Unless you’re a hipster who has the body of a pre-teen these will not flatter you. Oh wait, they won’t flatter anyone… Please avoid.

Jean leggings.  Otherwise known as jeggings, these are potentially one of the worst things ever invented. It looks like you’re wearing jeans because the zippers and pockets are painted on… Oh the horror.

And that’s all for now. Stay tuned for some Dos. –Kate Daley