DIY: L'Occitane's Organic Face Cream


In honour of Earth Day, I thought I’d share an eco favourite. While everyone is going more natural and organic you think, well hell, wouldn’t it just be easier to start making skin creams in my kitchen sink? Potentially, but if I created skincare products anything like I cook, the results would be a little wonky. Luckily, L’Occitane has taken the guesswork out of natural skin products with their new Ma Creme Nature Moisturizing Cream. Certified by ECOCERT, this cream is easy to make and lasts in your refrigerator without perservatives. You can also buy a refill and make it again once you run out. If your skin is sensitive or you just want to avoid more chemicals in your everyday life. Made from organic olive tree extracts, the woman in the store showed me how easy it was and how few ingredients the cream contained.

How do you do it you ask? First pour the plant oils into the glass jar, add spring water to the olive tree extracts, mix it all together and then cool in the fridge. Easy as pie. And probably just as edible. (Mmm pie.) Buy yours now for $46. It’s available at: Bloor Street, Sherway Gardens, Granville Street and West Edmonton Mall locations (and online). 

– Kate Daley