Cor Silver: my new favourite bar of soap

I’m not a bar of soap kind of girl. I’m the fancy luxurious cleanser type. But, after meeting Cor Silver founder Jennifer McKinley I was convinced to forgo my usual routine and give this product a try. I think it had something to do with her showing me the skin on her chest and face – and how different they were because one area had been treated with Cor Silver for sun spots and one hadn’t. Her childhood outside had left her with a lot of sun damage (which she showed me on her chest) but her face looked great thanks to this soap.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this tiny bar with its simple unisex packaging but I’m always up for a good product testing and it didn’t disappoint.

The soap contains silver, known for its antibacterial and cell repairing properties and is created from all natural ingredients. It’s easy to use: Foam it up, massage for a minute and then keep the foam on your skin for a few more minutes to fight any problem areas. It has collagen that helps diminishe fine lines and wrinkles while the other antibacterial properties help treat sun spots and imperfections such as acne. Your skin may feel tight at first but as it adjusts to the new product that feeling goes away. And trust me, your skin feels amazing.

A 125 mL bar costs $125. Yes, I know, that’s crazy expensive, but I see the makings of a cult favourite.

Cor facial soap is available at and at select The Bay locations.

 -Kate Daley