Cool down with Clean's Body Veil

clean body veil1 clean body veil
It’s going to be a long, hot sticky summer. If it’s been this hot already, who knows how extreme it could get? But don’t sweat it. I’ve found a solution from someone who is chronically overheating. Instead of feeling slightly overcooked, try Clean‘s Moisture Absorbent Body Veil. Using cotton vantage technology, this powder has a lovely smell and is patted all over to keep you feeling fresh. It’s a little different than simple baby powder though. This corn starch formula actually keeps moisture off your skin. Trust me, I saw it experimented in person and it really did wick off moisture.  The scent is also, well, clean smelling. The founder didn’t like the overwhelming stench of heavy perfumes so created scents in fragrance and bath products that literally smell like fresh laundry and cotton right after it’s been hanging on the line. Heavenly. And it won’t interfere with your own perfume. Plus, I love the luxurious body puff – very old school glamour.

Buy the other Clean products at Sephora, The Shopping Channel and launching at Murale locations soon.  – Kate Daley