There are definitely worth things to be addicted to than concealer but for those who are take a gander at Benefit‘s newest concoction, Confessions of a Concealaholic.

How do you know you’re an addict? The booklet inside will tell you. Do you own more than three concealers?  Do I! Who had teenage acne that doesn’t? Do you refuse to leave the house without concealing? Obviously, otherwise if you let others see all your imperfections the gig would be up! These are just some of the questions that if you can answer yes to, then you should invest in this blockbuster face palette. You’ll be shimmery in all the right places and matte and clear in the areas you really aren’t. It’s all about illusions people.  With their cult classic erase paste, brightening face primer, eye bright, lemon aid, two boi-ing shades and brushes to apply them all, you really can’t go wrong with all of these shades.  It comes with a little notebook so you will know where to apply what.  Buy it now for $44.  – Kate Daley

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