Celebs love wild style animal tops

You know you wore them. The tees and sweatshirts with animal heads and wild outdoor prints that you still frequently see at outdoor stores? (I saw a whole rack in beautiful Parry Sound this past weekend.) Here is one scary example: 

Let me preface this by saying: Pl ease don’t wear them anymore. If it comes in sweater form, has a wolverine, unicorn or wolf pack on it and you just can’t seem to part with it, it must be used for painting the house or gardening only. (If you vehemently disagree I would like to hear the reasoning.) But that’s not to say you can never wear anything animal-inspired… You just need to be tasteful about it. Designer duo siblings Michael and Lauren Moshi have launched label Lauren Moshi that has grabbed the attention of celebrities (and their stylists one can only assume) so these lovely numbers are popping up all over Hollywood. Here are a few examples of animals done tastefully (or kind of rock ‘n’ roll at least). The ever stylish Halle Berry in Lauren Moshi’s giraffe print.  There are very few times that I would tell anyone to emulate Paris Hilton’s style, but this is one of them. You can find her line at Holt Renfrew, Kitsch Boutique, Leigh & Harlow, Change Room, Dew, and Over the Rainbow in Toronto…. Or try: James Boutique in Montreal, Splash of Fashion in Calgary, Hills of Kerisdale in Vancouver, Privilege Boutique in Surrey and Port Moody B.C., and Yu Fashion in Edmonton. Find your favourite prints on everything from tanks to long sweaters ranging from $42 to $250.

– Kate Daley

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