Cash for old clothes

It's the perfect incentive to revamp your fall wardrobe: Give and you shall receive 25% off at JACOB

Do some closet-cleaning this week and donate your old clothes at JACOB. From now until December 24th, head into any JACOB store with a bag of those old jeans and sweaters that have been taking up valuable closet space and you’ll get 25 percent off all regular-priced merch (including lingerie). The company will donate your gently-used items to Goodwill (in Ontario and Western Canada) or Renaissance (in Quebec and the Maritimes).

Called “Give your clothes a new lease on life”, the goal of the campaign is to collect at least 50,000 articles of clothing before December 24th.

Besides encouraging clothing donations with this sweet discount, the company is also using Facebook to reach its donation goal. For every “Like” that JACOB receives on its page from now until December 24th, it will donate an article of clothing up to a maximum of 10,000 new items.