17 practical (and cute) camping essentials for an outdoorsy weekend getaway

A foolproof guide to cool essentials for a weekend in the woods.


Now that the temperature has finally started warming up and our first fair-weather long weekend is almost upon us, it’s time to start thinking about hitting the woods for a camping getaway. In addition to the obvious necessities like a tent, sleeping bag, food and clothing, you’ll need a few other essentials to ensure you’re safe and warm when you’re out embracing mother nature. For example, a tarp, some type of battery-operated light source, bug repellent and sunscreen (applied properly!) will help you to get through the weekend.

Whether you’ve rented a trailer for a few days on the road or are finally getting around to visiting your favourite hiking destination, we’ve put together a full list of outdoor essentials you need to pack to look cute and be comfortable — all weekend long.

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