Brighten-up with colour

Cover Girl's BJ Gillian chats about adding spring's technicolour hues to your makeup bag

Fuchsia lipstick. Turquoise mascara. Green eye liner. I haven’t seen this rainbow of colours at the makeup counter in years. They look gorgeous, but can be overwhelming if you feel most comfortable in natural shades. So I caught up with one of my favourite makeup artists, BJ Gillian from Cover Girl, at a New York beauty launch to ask for some tips on adding colour to your beauty bag.

Lisa: Some people think bright makeup is just for teenagers. How can everyone wear it?
BJ: Technology has improved so much in the past few years that the old clown-like brights we used to see no longer exist. Waxes and talcs have been replaced by new water-based gel formulas that go on sheer. You end up with a luminous effect, not a painted stripe. (BJ suggests Cover Girl Eye Slicks to add a subtle shine to lips, eyes and cheeks.)

LT: How can we break the naturals-only habit?
BJ: Old habits die hard. I call it a makeup freeze. Most women stop changing their makeup when they feel their most beautiful. But the makeup you wore at 24 isn’t going to enhance your features the same way at 44. Experiment! You can always wash it off.

LT: So where do we start?
BJ: First, brighten your whole look by changing the canvas. Skin can have a healthy luminous glow at any age. The newest foundations, like Cover Girl TruBlend Makeup, even out your skin but also illuminate it. When your canvas looks great, your makeup will too.

LT: What’s next?
BJ: Long-wearing lipsticks can look harsh in matte textures. I like Cover Girl’s Outlast Lipstick with the Pearl topcoat. It lasts all day and won’t feather.

LT: How can I make my eyes look brighter?
BJ: Make the whites of your eyes look whiter and brighter by applying blue mascara to the tips of the top lashes. Or use a navy or deep shade of blue eyeliner instead of black.