Big shoulders are back

jason meyers shoulders big shoulders at jason meyers greta constantine4 greta show greta constantine
Shoulder pads may scream 1980’s fashion disaster but trust me, these are no old-school powersuit silhouettes. The newest shoulders are extreme, high, comical almost and angular. And they are seriously empowering. Yes, some women who are broader up top may not want to go for such an extreme look but even ruched shoulders can give you the same effect without the linebacker issue. Loved the interesting designs that Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong of Greta Constantine thought up at their show last week. Greta Constantine’s unique take on big shoulders. Photos above by George Pimentel. Jason Meyers also had big shoulders at his show on Tuesday but not in a typical powersuit way. He gave women an empowering silhouette using large sleeves and bright colours. Check out the purple dress below. I feel like that is one big shouldered idea that would definitely be flattering. Jason Meyers emphasizes the shoulders. One of my editor friend’s even bought a t-shirt with shoulder pads in it. It looks amazing but if you’re going for big shoulders try to wear something body-hugging to show off your curves. At Réva Mivasagar’s show (above) shoulders were also big, bold and ruched. Even Pink Tartan’s Kim Newport-Mimram designed some high-rises that were attached on the outside. Imagine that, shoulder pads that not only emphasize your upper arms but also ones that you can see? Odd but fantastic somehow. They make a big statement and will definitely get you noticed. Check out the Balmain ones online and for a lower price point you can find similar styles at Zara. – Kate Daley