We Just Found The Perfect No-Show Socks. You're Welcome

Though they’re a summer staple, some no-show socks are better than others. Here are 6 no-show socks guaranteed to stay all day.

No-show socks have always been a little hit-or-miss. They’re a great option for the spring and summer (you never have to pick between blisters and wearing those cute flats!) but they’re also notoriously fickle (the wrong one can lead to an uncomfortable day of tugging at your socks, sigh).

Luckily, some brands have the no-show sock thing down to a science. Chatelaine staffers tested a variety of brands for fit, whether the socks stayed up, how often they needed to be readjusted and if they were comfortable. Here are six of our favourites.

With files from Aimee Nishitoba.