The Best Leggings For Sweaty Workouts

How do the $30 pairs compare with the $115 leggings? Here's what we found out.

A good pair of leggings are a workout essential, especially when they’re high-waisted, super absorbent and have built-in compression and smoothing qualities. The last thing you want to worry about mid-sun salutation is where your leggings are—or aren’t. There are leggings at just about every price point, but how do the $30 leggings compare with the $130 leggings? We got our hands on some popular pairs to find out.

The test

To see how well each of the leggings would perform we wore them during a 75-minute hot yoga flow class—the sweatiest and most demanding workout we could think of. (Some leggings were tested twice, because, science.) We’ve ranked all of the leggings from most to least favourite—taking into consideration performance, fit and price.