Up close and personal with Shakira

We spoke with the surprisingly down-to-earth woman behind those powerful vocals and knockout hips.


Photo, MEC Universal/Getty Images.

With a new hit song, an album in the wings and a regular gig on The Voice, Shakira is muy caliente right now. 

Fashion advice
“A few years ago I thought wearing more makeup would make me feel beautiful, and now I see those pictures and think, ‘What was I doing?’ Obviously that happens to every one of us. You know, you see photos of yourself in the past and think, ‘Why did I wear that?’ Now I’m a little more cautious with the decisions I make when I want to wear something risqué. I’m more of a jeans girl. They’re like a faithful dog, something that’s always there and you can rely on: jeans and my Helmut Lang T-shirts.”

Work-life balance
“Sometimes I feel like I have a lot on my plate, but I’m trying to simplify my life as much as I can. Having a baby [her one-year-old son, Milan] has changed things a lot. It’s very important to have support. Now I delegate a lot more. People think I’m a control freak, and I used to be. Now I can’t be; there’s no way.”

Healthiest habit
“I wear sunscreen. I don’t fry under the sun; it does too much damage. I mean, it gives you a cool look, like you’re on vacation the whole time, but at the end of the day it lasts — what, a week? Then you have to live with the damage and that’s your skin for life. I also open and rub on vitamin E capsules, the ones you get at the pharmacy. Sometimes when I’m too dehyrdated from flying or lack of water, a little vitamin E on my skin will make me glow.”

Secret beauty weapon
“The most important thing is to project confidence because there’s nothing sexier than trusting yourself. And if you’re tense, you can wear all the makeup in the world but you’re not going to look your best. That’s why I think there’s nothing better than smiling. When you have an uninhibited smile, you are somehow showing the world you have nothing to hide. You’re just being genuine. You’re being yourself.”

Shakira has won two Grammys and eight Latin Grammys. She’s the global ambassador for Crest 3D White and is the founder of the Barefoot Foundation, which promotes and funds education for children in need.