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Cleansing: Clean and beautiful
Get smooth, radiant skin with these simple cleansing tips
First published in’s November 2003 issue.
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Skin plays a vital role as your body’s first line of defense against infection and harsh elements. The skin on your face is the most tender and vulnerable, which is why a thorough cleansing regime is fundamental to maintaining a healthy glow.

Cleansing removes old makeup and washes away the grime and grease that has accumulated during the day. If facial pores are clogged with makeup and dirt, breakouts can readily occur. Before bed, follow a full cleansing routine, which may include a toner and night moisturizer. But in the morning your routine should be minimal: wash only with water or a mild cleanser. Over-cleansing the skin can cause irritation and may aggravate some skin conditions.

A good cleansing routine starts with proper technique, so here are a few tips to get you started:
• Tie hair back to make sure all areas of the face are exposed.
• Remove any eye makeup like mascara or eye shadow with a cotton pad dipped in eye cleansing lotion.
• Moisten face gently with water and then dab cleanser over nose, chin, forehead and cheeks.
• Massage cleanser into skin gently with an upward and outward motion.
• Rinse with water, lightly splashing over skin.
• Pat face dry with a towel.


Once your face is properly cleansed, use a toner to remove all traces of dirt, makeup or cleanser and prepare your skin for moisturizing. Toner should be used sparingly and you should only apply products that are alcohol-free and formulated to your skin type. People with dry or sensitive skin should usually avoid astringents. To apply toner, use a soft cotton pad or synthetic sponge and gently dab on forehead and cheeks, then wipe around the crevices of the nose and chin.

Exfoliation and facials

Once a month, supplement your daily cleansing regime with a facial or gentle exfoliation treatment. Whether you conduct an at-home facial or have one professionally done at a spa, these specialized treatments allow your skin to be deep-cleaned, toned and hydrated. Exfoliating your face is a great way to gently wash away dead or dry skin cells, but it is important to choose a product that is formulated for your skin type. For sensitive skin, avoid using an abrasive cleanser.