The Beauty List: 8 most innovative products

From hair-smoothing sheets to a face-toning gadget that fights sagging skin, here are the year’s smartest products.

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Photo, Roberto Caruso.

1. The do-gooder

Dryer sheets have long been a hairstylist’s hack for taming unruly locks. Consider these the deluxe version: Infused with lightweight beeswax and olive oil, Kérastase Paris Carré Lissant ($35) subdues midday fly-aways and adds a dose of shine — all in a purse-friendly pouch.

2. The sunscreen superhero

Swimming and sweating can wash away even the most moisture-resistant SPFs, but not Shiseido Suncare Ultra Sun Protection Lotion SPF 50 WetForce ($49). This non-greasy formula bonds to water and perspiration, making it super-effective on slick skin.

3. The curve hugger

Gillette Venus Swirl’s ($20) ingenious swivelling razor navigates tricky knees and elbows with minimal nicks and no missed stubble. Also cool: a metal rollerball that allows the five blades to glide not just up and down but side to side too.

4. The gold star

Tired of staining jeans and bedsheets with your faux tan? Apply the H2O-activated St. Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion ($31) to clean, wet skin during your morning shower for an easy, streak-free and glistening gold result. Bonus: The shade continues to deepen for eight hours afterwards.

5. The fan favourite

Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit ($20) replicates in-salon lash treatments without the irritation and expense. The at-home treatment coats your lashes with a peptide-infused mascara and tiny dry fibres for a full-on fluttery effect.

6. The tip topper

Removing intricate nail art often involves acetone, which can make for some pretty dry and brittle nails. Sally Hansen Big Peel Off Base Coat ($8) goes on milky and dries clear, which allows you to strip thicker polishes in one swift motion.

7. The coverage chameleon

Give your favourite skincare products some added tint with Cover FX Custom Cover Drops ($44). With just a few squeezes, makeup addicts can customize their foundations, primers and serums to create their desired level of coverage.

8. The face firmer

It may look like a 1980s Sony Walkman, but the StriVectinLabs Facial Toner ($200) combats skin sagging and volume loss by stimulating cheeks with an electric current. Plus, it’s pain-free, and you still get that enviable post-workout glow after use.

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