This Is The Year's Most Flattering Makeup Trend

Nothing says holiday like a little shimmer and shine, and trendy rose gold makeup is an easy, wearable way to turn up the glam.

Rose Gold Makeup

Photography: Roberto Caruso. Makeup: Amy Harper. Top: Gap.

Rose gold makeup has been popping up on red carpets and runways throughout the fall season and it’s easy to see why. The hue is super flattering and offers a new take on beauty that gives you a hint of tint without looking too made up. If you want to take the trend for a spin this holiday season, follow along with these expert tips to get glitzy.

One Shade Suits All

Reason number one why we can’t get enough of rose gold: it looks great on all skin tones. “Rose gold doesn’t fit in a warm or cool box, so anyone can find a shade that works for their skin tone,” says Toronto makeup artist Amy Harper. “A rose gold blush on a fair skin tone is stunning, as is a rosy highlight on a darker skin tone.”

Switch it Up

Good news: There’s no right or wrong way to wear the rosy hue. Try swapping out your black eyeliner for rose gold. Reach for an easy-to-blend pencil or a fine-tipped liquid to paint on a precise cat eye for a dash of sparkle.

Photography: Roberto Caruso. Makeup: Amy Harper. Dress: H&M.

Prep Step

The key to having your rose gold look go the distance is careful skin preparation. After cleansing and hydrating, Amy Harper recommends applying a primer suited to your skin type before your makeup and having a lightweight translucent powder on hand to control shine. Finish by spritzing with a setting spray, and you’re all set.