Why I Love Press-On Nails

Carlene Higgins, the co-host of the ‘Breaking Beauty’ podcast, explains how she became a convert to an instant, no-fuss manicure

I was skeptical about press-on nails until, one New Year’s Eve, I tried a drugstore brand called ImPress. With of-the-moment nudes, corals and dark tones—along with surprisingly decent nail art accents—they’re an inexpensive dupe of a pricey salon job. Earlier this year, the brand introduced a new “ultra-fit” design, which is slimmer and looks more natural. Each set comes with 30 disposable nails in 12 sizes, so finding your fit shouldn’t be an issue.

They couldn’t be easier to apply. Start by swiping nails with the included prep pad to remove any oil or dirt that might mess with the wear. Next, peel off the stickers, press the faux nails into your real ones and you’re done. Note: I consider these to be a weekend fix; they’ll start falling off in a few days. To remove any lingering press-ons, gently peel them off from the sides; if you encounter a stubborn one, apply acetone polish remover around the edges, wait a minute and then prod it from the sides using a manicure stick. If your nails feel tacky or dry afterward, massage in a little cuticle oil.

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