How To Get The New, Natural Eyebrow Look

Defined brows are out. Natural is in.

According to brow expert Danielle Vincent, there’s a growing backlash to the hyper-defined “Instagram brow.” “A more undone, more natural brow is coming back,” says Vincent, whose clientele includes fellow Ottawa native Sandra Oh. Praise be, because few of us have time for high-maintenance brows. Getting this new shape involves evening out asymmetries and filling in areas that thin as hair follicles age. The look is unique to each individual’s face, mimicking the long-forgotten curves and fullness you had as a kid (using a childhood photo for reference is key, says the pro).

Here are three simple steps to recreate the brows your mama gave you.

Focus on “lift”

Image of a woman filling in the upper curve of her eyebrows with a thin brow pencil.
Using a thin brow pencil, fill in the upper section of your arch, making strokes in the direction of hair growth. Leave the bottom mostly untouched to avoid shortening your lid space, which can drag your eye down.

Fill in any gaps

Woman with natural eyebrows filling in the front section of her brows with a thin brow pencil.

(Photo: Carmen Cheung)

Start in the thicker “head” of the brow, gradually tapering the strokes so there’s nothing near the outer corner.

Lift one more time

Woman using brow gel to lift her eyelash hairs to finish the natural eyebrown look.
Brush hair upward with brow gel for the final touch. “As we age, our faces begin to lack contrast,” notes Vincent. “So, bringing back that lost definition is key to a youthful look.”