I Tried Out Lululemon’s New Hair And Skincare Products

Very few product lines can motivate me to exercise in the name of research. Lulu is one such brand.

For years, I’ve been the proud owner of Lululemon jogging pants that are just tight enough to leave me feeling secure during and after a workout. But even if the brand’s wares can keep me feeling semi-stylish after an hour of calisthenic bending and snapping, they haven’t been able to offset the inevitable post-workout hair-and-overall-body grossness—until now.

In June, Lulu introduced its first line of “selfcare” products: a dry shampoo, a lip balm, moisturizer and, bless, deodorant. Billed as “solutions to sweaty problems,” all were developed with input from athletes. I am no athlete, but I do enjoy an upmarket moisturizer, so I put the new (gluten-free!) products to the test after hot yoga—the sweatiest workout of all time.

Here’s what you should know about this new Lululemon line—and whether they’re worth the splurge.

No-Show Dry Shampoo ($38)

a tube of Lululemon selfcare-No-show dry shampoo

The sell: Lululemon’s dry shampoo is billed as “skincare for your scalp.” It has an aluminum-free, non-whitening formula, and removes sweat, dirt and oil with the aid of tapioca starch and algae (both green and brown). Normally I don’t adhere to a “no shower, no problem” philosophy, but was open to changing my mind.

The results: The texture seemed much less chalky as compared to drugstore dry shampoo options, and it blended into my dark brown mane without a whisper of residue. No shower, no problem! Well, eventually I will have to shower and shampoo again (curses!) but not for at least another six to 10 hours. After application, my hair has a certain bounce to it (though, the shine is all mine).

Anti-stink Deodorant ($20)

a tube of Lululemon selfcare-anti-stink deoderant

The sell: This aluminum-free clear deodorant is available in two scents: aloe and black pepper–sandalwood. The “pro-sweat and anti-stink” cooling spray allows for no-touch application. Pre-biotics promise to reduce odour-forming bacteria.

The results: The black pepper sandalwood version I tried reminded me of a pleasant musk. The clear formula is much appreciated—and won’t ruin the outfit of anyone else in tight change rooms should your aim suck. I don’t have a microscope on hand to check the antibacterial efficacy of the pre-biotics, but felt confident enough to face the world again.

Sweat Reset Face Moisturizer ($52)

a tube of Lululemon selfcare-sweat reset face moisturizer

The sell: This “tri-active formula” claims to clean, calm and hydrate. Also to reduce post-workout flushing with a pomegranate enzyme that gently exfoliates for a healthy glow, while menthol provides a cooling effect. There’s also a spill-proof pump, so it’s perfect for quick application after a lunch-time workout.

The results: Okay, so first of all, shoutout to the twist-up top, which actually did prevent the embarrassing gym-bag lotion explosions that are so commonplace for me. Upon application, the moisturizer left my usually slick skin feeling closer to velvety. Less great, however, is the “cooling effect,” which gave my upper lip area flashbacks to that time a dental freezing took 48-hours to fully dissipate.

Basic Balm Lip Balm ($16)

a tube of Lululemon selfcare-basic balm

The sell: Apparently our lips also get dehydrated when we sweat. This balm helps restore and protect them with shea butter, beeswax and jojoba oil.

The results: This works! The squeeze-tube is reminiscent of old-school Blistex, but it smells way more like summer on account of the coconut. The slightly waxy formula lasted through half of my water bottle. But I’m not sure I can justify the $16 price tag, when a $3 tube of Carmex works equally well.