This Buzzy Skincare Brand Just Launched At Shoppers — And Everything is Under $15

Effective skincare for a petite price? Yes please.

A new skincare brand *just* launched at Shoppers Drug Mart to help cut through all the beauty noise. The Inkey List is a U.K.-based brand that’s fresh onto the scene — they’ve only been out for four months — and they’re looking to simplify your beauty shopping experience.

Founders Colette Newberry and Mark Curry had the idea for The Inkey List after putting in years at U.K. drugstore Boots in beauty marketing and healthcare (Curry is also a scientist) and realized they wanted to create a brand that would fill a gap in the market. “The brand exists to inspire people who don’t use anything beyond a moisturizer on their skin to give brilliant hero ingredients a try,” says Curry. “We do that by making our products simple to understand, easy to use and we do it affordably, so nothing is over $15.” One way they keep their prices so low is by moving up the supply chain to get ingredients directly from raw material distributors and due to the company’s size, they’re able to get products out onto shelves at a much faster speed.

When it comes to packaging, one look at the bottles and it’s easy to see they take their simplicity mandate to heart. Simple white tubes with black labeling stand out among the sea of colourful bottles but the key aspect of their branding is breaking down the hero ingredient in their formulas by boldly displaying them on the front of their bottles and including a description of what that ingredient does. “We call ourselves the beauty translators,” says Newberry. “We want to give people the information on our packaging so that they are able to make the right decision for their skin.”

After a hugely successful launch in the U.K. which generated a ton of worldwide buzz, the founders have now set their sites on North America, with The Inkey List currently rolling out in 800 Shoppers Drug Marts across Canada. We got our hands on a few of their products and a few faves include: Hyaluronic Acid ($11), a super-hydrating serum that leaves skin soft and plump and Lactic Acid ($13), a gentle nighttime exfoliator that sloughs away dead skin cells.