Easy Beauty Tricks To Prevent Creased Eyeshadow

These tricks will make your makeup go the distance (and then some).

How to Prevent Creased Eyeshadow

It takes time and effort to master perfect makeup for holiday parties, so it’s super disappointing when your look starts to fade after only a few hours and you get the dreaded creased eyeshadow. We enlisted Toronto-based makeup artist Cia Mandarello to share a few tips for how to keep your eye makeup in place for hours on end.

To give your shadow ultimate staying power, Mandarello relies on a couple of tried-and-true products. “Primers are fantastic for preventing creasing,” she says. Mandarello also likes using cream eyeshadows as primers, because they add colour and let you skip a step.

To apply, use a brush — or just your fingers — and dab the cream shadow onto your lids, then blend. If you have deeper-set eyes and are concerned that the shadow might migrate, Mandarello suggests avoiding colour above the crease. “As soon as you start putting product in the crease of a deeper-set eye, that’s when it will start to move.”

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