Totally foolproof tips for contouring your face

Define, sculpt and highlight in seconds with these easy-to-master contouring tricks.

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Tips and tricks for contouring like a pro 

Highlight in a flash
Dab light-illuminating makeup down the bridge of your nose, across the top of your cheekbones, along your brow bone and at the bottom of your chin. Using your fingers (or brush if you are using a powder) blend in.

Pro tip: The warmth from your fingertips will help cream based products blend in seamlessly.

Get chiseled cheekbones
Start by making a kissing face (it’s the best way to find the hollows of your cheeks). With the contouring shade, draw a line slightly below your cheekbone. Starting at the hairline and draw towards the nose. Blend well.

Amp it up: Enhance contouring by drawing a line with your highlighter above your cheekbone. Blend in.

Sculpt and define nose
Using your highlighter, draw a line down the centre of your nose. With your contouring shade, line either side of your nose starting at the eyebrow. Blend in each shade.

Define jawline
Dab your highlighter between the bottom of your lip and the tip of your chin. Blend well. With your contouring shade, dot along the underside of your jawbone and blend down.

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