The DIY papaya-and-honey face mask you need in your life

Expert Julie Clarke of Province Apothecary shares the recipe for a nourishing, stimulating and exfoliating face mask.

Clarifying face mask DIY


A clarifying face mask helps reverse damage from dry air. Weekly use of this rejuvenating treatment helps to reduce acne, clear dry patches and congestion, and brightens your skin.

The antioxidant-rich papaya helps exfoliate away old, dry skin cells. The Province Apothecary blend contains clay, which draws out impurities, wild-crafted algae, which nourishes the skin, regenerates cell growth and stimulates collagen production, and maple syrup, which contains amino peptides, calcium and antioxidant properties that neutralize free radicals. Here’s the recipe:

1 inch cube of papaya (peeled, seeded and mashed or pureed)*
1 tsp honey (local or manuka)
2 tsp organic plain yogurt, aloe water or herbal tea (this is the liquid part of the mask)
2 tsp Province Apothecary Detoxifying + Clarifying Clay Mask

1. Cleanse face before applying the mask.

2. Mash or puree the papaya until even, and then mix in the other ingredients in a bowl.

3. Add more clay if your mask is too runny; more yogurt or tea if mask is too thick.

4. Spread the mixture over your face with a brush or your fingers, avoiding your eyes.

5. Relax with this mask on for 10 minutes. Wipe off the mask with a damp cloth. Apply your soothing serum afterwards.

*Use the rest of the papaya in a smoothie. Try this one.

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