The Best New Dry Shampoos For Every Hair Type

Because let’s be honest, washing our hair every day during quarantine just isn’t going to happen.

Real talk: A lot of us are struggling to find motivation to do even the simplest of tasks right now. In the middle of catching up on news about the COVID-19 global pandemic, responding to emails and making sure I get some fresh air, I have to remind myself to do small yet important things, like eating lunch and drinking enough water. And more than once, I’ve found myself too exhausted to give my hair a full, thorough wash (yes, this *also* happens during times of non-isolation). Luckily, there are more options out there than ever before when it comes to dry shampoos. We rounded up five of the newest and most innovative dry shampoos—from foams to dry mists—that are great for almost any hair type to help you get by on second- (or third, or fourth…) day hair.

For oily hair

A photo of the Marc Anthony Volume Full Bloom Invisible Dry Shampoo+ for a post on the best dry shampoo for oily hair.

Marc Anthony Volume Full Bloom Invisible Dry Shampoo+, $9,

If your hair is looking a little flat or greasy roots are taking over, give your ‘do a lift with this volumizing formula from salon-level brand Marc Anthony. This dry shampoo contains a micro-porous mineral called zeolite that removes excess oil, odour and build-up. Spray it throughout your hair, focusing on your roots, and brush it out right away.

For normal to dry hair

A photo of the Batiste Cactus Waterless Cleansing Foam for a post on the best dry shampoo for normal to dry hair.

Batiste Cactus Waterless Cleansing Foam, $10,

Batiste is one of the most trusted names in dry shampoo, so fans were pumped when the brand’s first foam formula launched earlier this year. Massage the lightweight foam through your roots and strands, which will make them slightly damp, then let it dry for one minute and you’re good to go! There’s zero residue and you don’t need to brush it out. This particular formula is great for hydration and softness.

For sensitive scalps

A photo of the Live Clean Lightly Scented Dry Mist Shampoo for a post on the best dry shampoo for sensitive scalps.

Live Clean Lightly Scented Dry Mist Shampoo, $12,

This new formula—which is 99% natural and plant-derived—contains witch hazel to help relieve itchy scalps and uses arrowroot to take on oil. It’s also a more eco-conscious choice: The container is air-powered, so there are no propellants like propane or butane (which most aerosols are made with). It’s also Leaping Bunny Certified which is the international standard for cruelty-free cosmetics, personal care and household products. The Lightly Scented option is a great choice for those with sensitive noses.

For curly hair

A photo of the Pantene Cheat Day Dry Shampoo Foam for a post on the best dry shampoo for curly hair.

Pantene Cheat Day Dry Shampoo Foam, $9,

Curly-hair folks often opt for dry conditioners over dry shampoos, since curls shouldn’t be brushed out and powder formulas usually require some form of brushing. Enter this dry shampoo made with curls in mind: The foam formula, reminiscent of a styling mousse, cleanses and hydrates second-day hair without any dryness or residue. Use a small amount and work it through your roots and curls or waves with your fingers to revive your style in a snap.

For post-workout hair

A photo of the Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-Powder Post Workout Dry Shampoo Mist for a post on the best dry shampoo for post-workout hair.

Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-Powder Post Workout Dry Shampoo Mist, $34,

After an intense home workout, you might want a quick way to freshen up before hitting the couch to resume your Netflix binge. This fast-drying mist uses bamboo extract and silica powder to cleanse sweaty hair while absorbing oils and eliminating odour. Just spritz it on your roots and throughout your locks for an instant refresh.

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