Beauty Lab: 3 Chatelaine Readers Put Aquaphor to the Test

The multi-purpose healing ointment lives up to its claims as a cure-all for dry, cracked, itchy and chafed skin.

Aquaphor skincare

Chatelaine Beauty Lab X Aquaphor

Now that repeated, rigorous hand-washing is part of our daily routine and the winter months are fast approaching, dry skin woes are more pervasive than ever. So our readers tested out Eucerin Aquaphor for its soothing and moisturizing effects on dry skin. The multipurpose solution is a paraffin-based formula that creates a protective barrier over the skin and reduces the rate of water loss. Aquaphor Healing Ointment soothes dry skin and replenishes moisture for soft hands, lips, heels and more.

Here’s what Chatelaine’s Beauty Lab testers had to say about it.

Julia McEwen

Aquaphor and I go way back. Some of my earliest skincare memories are slathering on the thick, clear, odourless ointment on my cheeks to protect them from winter’s biting wind chill before hitting the slopes. A lot has changed in my skincare routine over the last 34 years, but Aquaphor has remained a key player.

I suffer from eczema and Aquaphor has always been a safe and reliable product since it was introduced to me by my dermatologist. This genetic skin condition means that my skin barrier is permanently dysfunctional, making me more prone to dryness and raw, cracked and blister-like rashes, known as a flare-up. Aquaphor helps soften and smooth my parched skin while creating an occlusive barrier to seal in moisture and temporarily protect it from irritation.

I’ve also turned to Aquaphor during the pandemic to address my red, itchy and dry hands caused by frequent hand washing. After washing my hands, I pat them dry and apply the balm like ointment all over, including on my fingertips where I’m prone to cracking. It’s really been a game changer.

Aquaphor is a big part of my running routine, too. I’ve been running almost every day for the last six months, and with long runs in hot and humid summer temps comes the hellish and uncomfortable results of chafing. It hits me the worst around the underarms from the fabric of my sports bra or shirt rubbing against my skin, leaving me with burning red and inflamed skin on my ribcage and underarms. Aquaphor immediately relieves the burning feeling. Now I use it before long runs to prevent chafing, creating a layer between my skin and workout gear to reduce friction.

I’ve been using this treatment for over 30 years and I have no doubt that I’ll be using it for 30 more. As someone with a compromised skin barrier, it’s a huge win to find something that’s safe for my skin and gives me relief and control when so much of life right now feels out of control.

Arlene Lott

I’m a baker, and my hands are always in food or hot water, so I was happy to try Aquaphor to see if it would help restore my hands—especially my cuticles—to a happier state.

The ointment is very rich and heavy, so you only need a small amount, about the size of a chickpea, to moisturize your hands. Since it absorbs slowly, it provides a great barrier to the outer elements that may torment your skin, from wind and moisture to chemical irritants. Plus, it’s long-lasting.

I applied Aquaphor to my hands four times a day during my first week of testing. I noticed a difference around the fourth day: My cuticles weren’t as irritated. Additionally, my hands weren’t as “sandpapery” as they usually felt by the end of each day. By the second week, I found that applying the product two to three times a day was more than enough to maintain this level of smoothness.

Another bonus: Aquaphor is perfectly odourless. I love that! I have enough scents in my life; I don’t need to add any more. As for my feet: I started applying Aquaphor right before bed, and three weeks later, my feet are now wonderfully smooth—a huge payoff considering I haven’t been able to get regular pedicures lately.

Overall, Aquaphor delivers on its claims: restoring and revitalizing dry, cracked skin.

Noreen Akhtar

This is definitely a keeper. Aquaphor is quick and easy to apply with lasting results. My hands have been drier than normal with all the hand sanitizer and hand washing, and my skin had started to peel. Within just a day or two of using Aquaphor, I felt and saw such a big difference. My hands are much softer! This product is an instant pick-me-up that feels great and delivers lasting results.

Aquaphor benefits the feet just as much as the hands. My heels are now visibly clear from any cracks, and they feel so smooth. Just a small amount of this ointment does wonders, and there’s no sticky residue after applying.

I used the product two to three times a day, starting first thing in the morning, after hand-washing and in the evening after a shower. It’s very convenient to carry with me, and I keep it in my handbag. I can definitely see making Aquaphor a permanent part of my routine, especially with the ever-changing weather and cold months ahead—Aquaphor is an easy fix to dry skin.

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