The 10 best microbead-free scrubs and exfoliants

The federal government announced that it will ban microbeads in personal care products. Until it does, here are our favourite microbead-free face and body scrubs.

You know those tiny microbeads found in your toothpaste, lipsticks and exfoliating cleansers? Well, don’t let their innocuous name fool you: those plastic pellets may leave your face smooth and squeaky-clean, but they’re absolutely terrible for the environment. According to new research, the small size of the beads allows them to bypass our water-filtration systems. As such, they’re not only polluting our rivers and lakes, but also becoming food for unsuspecting fish. Just last week, the federal government announced that it plans to ban products containing microbeads. Below, you’ll find effective, microbead-free exfoliators that’ll refine your pores and alleviate your environmental guilt. Social responsibility starts with your face, after all.

The upsides of exfoliating

It’s the best prep there is.

There is no easier way to refresh skin than by exfoliating. You will instantly notice the texture of your skin is smoother and softer and that it’s better able to absorb moisturizer and sunscreen as well as anti-aging, acne and dark-spot correcting creams.

It shows off your new cells.

Your skin sheds thousands of cells per day but not at the same time. Scrubs help you control the removal of dead skin and expose fresh, plump and healthy cells that will make your skin look glowing.

It accelerates cell renewal.

It’s like skincare karma: good begets good. By scrubbing away dead skin, you are actually promoting new growth and increasing the rate at which your skin replenishes itself.

It will make your skincare products work better and last longer.

Think about it: If you’re carrying around a dead layer of skin, those cells are going to absorb a whack of the products you’re applying, just to fall off by the end of the day. They will also make it harder for creams and sun blocks to penetrate in and reach your healthy skin.

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