Beauty Secret: BeautySoClean

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“Makeup is the only thing you’ll put on your body that you haven’t cleaned,” says celebrity makeup artist Nancy Crossley. Founder of Beauty So Clean, a new line of cosmetic sanitizers, Crossley spent years formulating products that kill bacteria without damaging makeup. The sprays and wipes contain ethyl alcohol, lime oil and chamomile and are gentle enough to use on brushes – they can even be sprayed directly onto powders. I use them quite often to clean my brushes and get any goopy makeup back in working order. Also, on photoshoots, makeup artists love them because while they have alcohol to kill germs, they aren’t harsh on products. (On our last fashion threesomes photoshoot our makeup artist was raving!) And this season the line is behind the scenes at LG Fashion Week Beauty by L’Oréal Paris. Trust me, with hundreds of models and it being flu season these products are one way to prevent cross-contamination.

You can find the line at The Bay and Murale nationwide. $13–$20. – Kate Daley