Beauty game changer: The straightening brush

This tool will smooth and defrizz your hair much faster than a flat iron.

There are a few straightening brush tools in stores now, so we put two to the test:

Conair heated straightening brush, $80, Shoppers Drug Mart.

Conair Heated Straightening Brush, $80, Shoppers Drug Mart.

Relaxus Beauty Ceramic Straightening Ionic Brush, $100, Trade Secrets.

Relaxus Beauty Ceramic Straightening Ionic Brush, $100, Trade Secrets.

Both heat up to around 450F, the same temperature as most flat irons. We tried them on several different hair textures (from fine to thick), and the results were unanimous: these tools are your fastest way to achieving a bouncy blowout look (even if you’re sitting at your desk — like we were when testing). Since you’re not clamping small pieces of hair as you do with a flat iron, you can easily pass through all of it in about half the time. Most of our testers did their entire head in under 10 minutes. The result isn’t stick straight, but a more voluminous look. See for yourself…

hair brush straightene Sadiya hair brush straightene Jacki hair brush straightene Dom

Note: straightening brushes don’t work on super-tight curls, which need the heat from both sides of a clamp (like a flat iron) to pull them straight. And the brush doesn’t easily reach the baby hairs around your hairline, which have to be treated with product or a mini flat iron. But overall, we love how quick and easy these tools are to use.

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