Barbie charms - you know you want them

barbie necklace Barbie
It’s pretty clear that Barbie has a cult following. And to celebrate her 50th birthday jewellery designer Thomas Sabo has designed a collection of special charms.

With 36 new Barbie charms and a line of pendants you can’t go wrong for the Barbie lover in your life. This classic toy and fashion icon will charm any woman (or girl). Or yourself if you’re a big follower. The charms are made from sterling silver and come with a small clasp so you can add or remove them depending on how girly you’re feeling. And you can intermix just a few charms into your regular bracelets if you feel the urge.

I like this an adult way to play with your favourite blond bombshell. Find your favourite ones at the first stand-alone store in Canada located in Rosemere, Quebec or at fine jewellers across the country. Or try to find the closest one to you.

-Kate Daley