Backstage pass

kate and eddie l'oreal backstage[1]

Ever wonder what it’s like to be backstage at fashion week? It’s surprisingly organized, loud of course and you may just get a spritz of hairspray in the face if you’re not careful. I got the chance to speak with Eddie Maleterre, Official Makeup Artist for L’Oreal Paris and Eric Del Monaco, the Official Hair Artist and Colourist for L’Oreal Paris who were managing their huge teams of hair and makeup and of course all of the beautiful (and super tall) models. These men are busy! Throughout our conversations about tips and tricks for winter skin (look for info in our upcoming issues) and spring makeup trends they were constantly pulled aside to approve the hundreds, and I mean hundreds of looks being done by their teams. And they showed me some of the new L’Oreal products coming out this year ‘ you won’t be disappointed in their new technology. Me and Eddie Maleterre. He’s so sweet, French, and an amazing makeup artist! My favourite makeup look from last night (which I got to see in the making!) was the David Dixon for Barbie show. The models had black liquid liner on their eyes and then a pinky orange shade subtly smudged above the eyes. I wouldn’t have thought to mix a black liner with an orangey brown or a pink. Usually I’d pair those colours with a brown pencil liner but they looked gorgeous with a simple lip and a bit of bronzer… I love makeup inspiration. Stay tuned for more photos and new looks!

– Kate Daley