Back to School...or Work

You know what I’m really glad I’m not doing? Going back to school. While there are many moments I miss my free and breezy university days, I think I’ve had my fill of essays, all-nighters and cheap beer for the next little while. (Okay, maybe not the beer.) But I know many people who are going back to college, grad school, and of course the all-important teachers who get to deal with the throngs of excited children on a daily basis back in the classroom. (Let me just say, you have more patience than I.) But for those of you who are heading back to work or school, I thought I’d share some insider knowledge. Suits: Everyone, and I mean almost everyone, asks me for advice on suits. I’m definitely not the expert because I don’t have a job that actually necessitates wearing a suit but I know the fashion world and have a lot of friends who are lawyers. (And they have to wear some serious suits.) So here’s my fashionable advice based on what I know: Teenflo–  I’m obsessed with their suiting and if I were to invest in one this would be it. It’s not exactly cheap but if you’re really looking for quality I’d say go with these. Check it out at TNT, Holt Renfrew and other independent retailers. (I love the colour of this one below.) Holt Renfrew – If you’re up for spending the dough, you can get a personal shopper to show you what’s what. They have a great selection of suit options from a variety of brands. Tiger of Sweden– This Swedish-based retailer has opened up a concept store in Montreal or you can check out their chic wares at their e-store. My sis got a fancy one there that she loves. Armani – A good staple for great jackets and tailored pants, this isn’t for the budget-conscious. But there are outlets in the States. If you’re up for it, you can head to Woodbury Commons just outside NYC and snag a suit for a very reasonable price. (They also have Michael Kors, Tod’s and Chanel outlets among other designers so it’s worth a stop in at least.) Banana Republic –You literally can’t go wrong with their tailored sheath dresses, pencil skirts and silk tops. It’s also a really reasonable price or you can wait until one of their frequent promotions or sales. Jacob – This August, the brand re-designed all of their pants and blouses to better fit a woman’s body and they come in a size 0 to 14. Check out their upscale counterpart Josef for some luxe separates. Aritzia– While you might think this store is all TNA pants and bar tops if you peruse a little further you’ll see beautiful silk pieces by Wilfred and a lot of pretty suiting options. J. Crew– If you ever want some work-wear inspiration look to this retailer. The pieces are trendy and yet classic. Order their catalogue or check them out online – they definitely deliver to Canada. Joe Fresh– While you might have to search a bit, you can find some great basic dresses or pants here. You might not find a full suit, but you can pair these separates with your investment pieces to mix up your ensembles during the week. Good luck to everyone who is back to school or heading back to work! -Kate Daley