Avril's new clothing line hits Boathouse

avril abbey dawn

Some of you may feel a bit old to be full-out Avril Lavigne fans but I have no doubt there are many about. So when Avril’s new line for Boathouse came to my attention I figured I should share. (While her music isn’t really my thing, I’ve gotta support her for being a young,successful rockstar from Napanee, Ontario. That’s kind of a big deal.) So while this young Canadian-born rocker has made her mark on the world of music she’s now decided to delve into the world of fashion as well, with her new line Abbey Dawn, to be sold exclusively at Boathouse locations across Canada. While previously available in the States, this is the first time her grungy wares will be sold in the great white North. Avril came to Toronto a few weeks back to do the official unveiling.  “I love fashion and whenever I am home in Canada, I love to shop at Boahouse,” said Lavigne. Her line reflects her own funky fashion sense ‘ a mix of skater, rock ‘n’ roll and bold colours. But of course it still has those feminine touches. So if you or your daughter are a die-hard Avril fan, you can now snag some of her style this fall at your local mall.

– Kate Daley