Anna Sui for FitFlops

fitflop boots anna suit boots
I’ve been reading tons of articles on the benefits of FitFlops but have yet to get around to trying some. Maybe it’s because I think I won’t find one in my style, or people will notice I’m wearing shoes made to tone my buns. But according to the articles I’ve been reading their microwobbleboard technology just may work! So what am I holding out on? Especially now that the brand has Anna Sui designing for them. She’s designed the limited edition Shakoha boot (below) that will be available in stores this month.  Also, check out FitFlops Napolean Dynamite style boots below. Remember the old-school pair Napolean dons in the film? Is it weird that I searched out similar pairs only to find nothing I liked? These ones are a modern twist on the 80’s boots in some on-trend metallics. Try this pull on Snugger made with nylon/patent puffy padded uppers and a faux fur inside for $165. Oh, and they are also antibacterial, stain and water resistant so you won’t be walking around with soggy smelly Uggs. (Ooops did I name names?). Try them in sizes 6–10. 

If you have experience with this technology let me know what you think! – Kate Daley