Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson on family, flaws and femininity

We got the scoop from our favourite mother-daughter duo on how to stay true to yourself while living in the spotlight.

Photo by Picturegroup for Almay

Photo by Picturegroup for Almay

Stay connected

Goldie: “I always wanted normalcy in my house. For Kurt and me that means not bringing work home, being there for our kids as much as we can and making them the centre of our universe. It’s hard when you’re a movie star or if you’re successful, because people are constantly pulling you away from that centre and sometimes you do need to go. But we always come back to what matters most.”

Kate: “Even now we pretty much speak every day. I think the longest we’ve gone without talking is a week.”

Stand out in a crowd

Kate: “When you feel beautiful, it comes from that vibe that says you feel good in your skin and are grounded. It’s an energy. If I’m in a room and I’m surrounded by people who are esthetically just so gorgeous, and I see someone walk in with a spirit that exudes happiness, fun and a real presence, that’s the most magnetic person for me. That’s what I find the most attractive.”

Get in a happy groove

Goldie: “We go about it by being with family or doing physical activity. We both love music and dancing — these are the things that bring us great inner joy. I would say we feel the most beautiful when we’re feeling joyful, happy and connected to spirit.”

Kate: “I learned from my mom at a young age that there’s something about dancing that makes me feel really good. Music has always been a huge part of my life, and it sounds dramatic, but it’s something I connect with daily. I think you can take that into so many aspects of your life.”

Feel feminine

Kate: “In our family, it’s me and Mom and a house full of testosterone. If you’re too fussy or take yourself too seriously, you’re not going to hear the end of it. But being a girl is so much fun! Even if I’m going out with friends, when I get to do my makeup and hair and put on red lips or a smoky eye, I really love that time. It’s just fun and girlie.”

Keep it real

Goldie: “When you’re in movies and you’re in front of that mirror in the makeup chair every morning, you feel so scrutinized. You’re looking at flaws, and there’s just so much focus on your face. But now that I’ve been away from film for quite a while, I don’t think so much about that stuff.”

Oscar winner Goldie Hawn and her Oscar-nominated daughter, Kate Hudson, are both Almay spokesmodels.

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