Alice in Wonderland nail polish

alice in wonderland opi polishes

  Who didn’t love the original Alice in Wonderland. The chesire cat, the mad hatter, and of course tweedle dum and tweedle dee. And now there’s a new version coming out this March featuring hearthrob Johnny Depp. I may be the only person that finds Depp extremely creepy (hello Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Eeek!) but everyone else seems to be in love with him and I’ll definitely go see it for the beautiful cinematography. (Even if I have to cower in the corner when Depp comes out.) And of course no fantastic movie is complete without matching nail polish! In celebration of the film OPI (one of our favourite nail companies) is launching four limited-edition nail colours. A truly fabulous collaboration. I love Absolutely Alice, a blue glitter polish for weekend wear. Then there’s Thanks So Muchness! which is a red shimmery colour. Of course there’s Off with Her Red! a glam rouge shade. And who could forget Mad as a Hatter, a black glitter.  You can rarely have too much glitter (on your nails that is.) And I think I’ve planned my Halloween costume for next year already. The collection is in stores now for $11. For more information, visit or call 800.341.9999.

– Kate Daley