Aldo fights AIDS campaign launches

aldo bags
Aldo has launched three collectible tote bags to raise money for YouthAIDS and prevention programs in South Africa. Yes, it’s another bag for charity but these are huge and I’m already using mine on a regular basis to lug around magazines and it’s a great sturdy number for a weekend trip. Every day in South Africa, 1,000 people are infected with the disease so the YouthAIDS organization will be using sports, pop culture and music to help teach young adults about prevention and how the virus works. It’s a great cause and the bags are ideal for those who want to carry heavy groceries in a fashionable way. They look like a gym bag you’d have in the early 80’s (which I obviously love) and the bags have short straps as well as one long so you can carry it a variety of ways. The first one, that launched last week is called “Getting Lost”. Each bag has a story behind it so you can go on Aldo’s site to learn more at:

The totes retail for $10 and all of the proceeds go to YouthAIDS. –Kate Daley